After 2 years of running a small consignment store, we have had our fair share of product discoveries. Some good, some bad. Below are some of our current favourite finds on Amazon!

Dymo Labels

Don't waste money on running to staples and buying the specific Dymo labels for your label printer. We have been ordering these cost effective dupes and have been so happy with them! They are 2-1/4" x 1-1/4" (57mm x 32mm) and fit perfectly on our hang tags. Not to mention you get 6 rolls / 1000 labels per roll for $42.99. No brainer.


Avery Dennison Mark lll Tagging Gun

The chronicles of finding a good tagging gun has been a process. We've gone through multiple guns breaking, jamming up and simply wasting valuable time by performing surgery on an unfixable plastic contraption. But, we ordered a couple of these guns a few months ago and they have surpassed our expectations! This specific one in the link comes with multiple needles (a must as they tend to break and bend over time) and the 2.56" plastic hangers. We've found these also to be the perfect length for hang tags!

Fabric Shaver

Wether you're running a consignment store or not, this next product is one of our favourites. So much so, we've personally each bought one for our homes! It's the Scienbeauty Electric Lint Remover. It is round in shape, making it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and has a little light to guide you (just like headlights on your car 😝 ). It charges via USB plug in (think iPhone block charger) and lasts for a few hours each time. This has some mighty power so be careful on more delicate fabrics, but so far... we can't live without it!

Best Fabric Shaver Ever!


Stain Remover

 Another must have for any living human, the "Wine Away Stain  Remover". It works perfect for on the fly as you don't have to completely wash an item after spraying the stain. Wether it be those pesky deodorant stains or red wine, this guy gets the job done.





Pink Poly Mailers

If you're like us, you want everything pink. These poly mailers come in multiple sizes, which is nice when trying to have a cohesive aesthetic in your store. Who doesn't want to receive a pink package in the mail?!




 Computer Keyboard

Sticking with the pink train, next is our most asked about product. Our keyboard. Not sure if you're like us, but we're living out our 90's Barbie cash register dreams. We hooked this one up to our iPad (need an adapter for USB plug ins first) and have had zero problems with it. Fun and functional!



February 25, 2022 — XOXO GossipGirl