Consignment Drop-off Processing Time

Have you dropped off items for consignment recently? Check below to see what day we are currently working on for consignment drop-offs to give you an idea of how long until your items are added to your account!

June 28th 🗓

Our team is currently processing any items that were dropped off for consignment on this day.


How long until I can view my items on my account?

We are currently taking around 4 weeks time to process items. Once your items have been processed, you will receive an email notification that your items are now added to your account portal.

If you drop off a small amount of items (1-3) we typically will process them that same day. Any large amount of drop-offs (35 and up) may be processed over the span of 2 days.

As we enter the summer season, processing times maybe longer due to a high volume of drop-offs from all the spring closet cleaning!

When does my 90 day consignment term start?

Your 90 day consignment term begins once the items have been processed!

What if I cannot pick up my unsold items during the 7 day time frame?

Once you will receive an email that states your items are ready to pick up, please call us or email us to extend your pick-up timeframe! We are always happy to work around your schedule, we just need a heads up first.

How do you choose which of my items will go on your website?

We receive a large amount of items everyday and we are unable to put every item online. Our selection process is based upon the condition, style, resale value, and how much information we can find out about the item.

How will you price my items?

We research every item and find out the original sale price, if it went on sale, what the current resale value is among the resale community, the condition, and how current the style is.

My portal account has fees on it, what are these fees for?

We have 5 types of fees.

1. Laundry fee. There is a minimum $3 fee for laundering any items that have not been washed.

2. Accessory cleaning fee. There is a minimum $3 fee for cleaning shoes, purses, wallets, and hats.

3. Lint roll/ De-pilling fee. There is a minimum $3 fee for lint rolling any items.

4. Sewing fee. There is a minimum $3 fee for repairing any items that come to us damaged.

5. New consigner fee. Every new consigner is subject to a one-time $15 consignment fee when their account gets set up.